High-quality translation in an increasingly globalised world

In an increasingly globalised world, multilingual content has become essential. The translation of your documents mustn't be taken lightly and left to machine translation tools. That's where I come in: providing high-quality translation services meeting your needs and deadlines.

As a professional translator, I can translate from English to French, Polish to French, and French to Polish. I can provide technical translations of documentation, communications and correspondence. I translate and proofread publications, websites and software. I specialise in information and communications technology. I have extensive knowledge of the IT, real-estate, insurance, aeronautics (gliding) and tourism (mountaineering) industries.

My motto: quality, rigour and customer satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Send me your projects!

Services: Translation – Localisation – Proofreading and correction – Lexicons and glossaries


Specialised technical translation:

  • technical documentation (specifications, procedures, terms of reference, etc.)
  • user documentation (manuals, procedures, training courses, memos, etc.)
  • internal and external communication (leaflets, advertisements, posters, notices, messages from management, articles, etc.)
  • correspondence (letters, e-mails, etc.)
  • translating for the localisation of software, websites, etc.

Proofreading and correction:

  • proofreading your documents,
  • editing translations (comparison with the original),
  • correcting and checking language (grammar, syntax, spelling, style) and terminological consistency.

Lexicons, glossaries and terminological research:

  • creating and updating lexicons and glossaries. A lexicon contains all the important terms and/or expressions in your profession or industry, as well as, if necessary, their equivalent in a foreign language. By contrast, a glossary is a list of important terms and/or expressions in your profession or industry complete with the corresponding definitions.
  • helping to pinpoint the right terms and/or expressions for new concepts or new tools.

Working languages

English - French

Polish - French

French - Polish


J'ai demandé à Natalia la traduction d'une notice et elle m'a présenté un travail remarquable. Plus que je n'espérais. J'ai beaucoup apprécié la qualité et la fluidité du texte traduit, la reproduction fidèle de la mise en page, les connaissances scientifiques et une véritable culture générale et technique. Je ferai certainement appel à ses grandes compétences de nouveau.
Jean-Pierre Marchal

I ordered a large translation of an user manual and Natalia dealt perfectly with this job. The translation was excellent, Natalia was involved in her work and she cared about all the details and deadlines. I definitely recommend her services.
Nuno Gomes, Flymaster